Hair Help in Sweden

Whoop, Whoop!! It's "Ask Jenny" time!! Today's question is from an awesome viewer from Sweden. Here's what she emailed in:

Hi Jenny! I'm a girl from Sweden who love your blog and your innovative hairstyles! I'm in need of a change and thought Id ask you since you have a great eye for it and I think you understand the "issues" one might have with their look and hair. For me, that issue is volume and shine.

When people talk volume they do dry shampoos or hair dust, but for me its a bigger issue, resulting in a bunch of teasing, backcombing and overuse of the Björn Axén volumaster. When i don't do this, i look tired and like a wet cat, which is why i never leave the house without it done. And I don't like shine. When I went dark from being platinum, my hair got all soft, shiny, healthy and... limp. I hate when my hair is in too good condition since I connect shiny hair with greasy hair. I love my hair dry and matte. 

Luckily my hair is super strong, and even though I blow dry, backcomb and use the volumaster every other day, my hair is in good condition (its true, I'm not exaggerating, even though one picture shows dry hair). I even did this same routine when i was platinumblonde (diy-dying even). But, now Im in a rut. My current colour is some kind of gold at the ends from removing brown colour more than a year ago, my own boring darkblonde (in Sweden we call it "rat-coloured") in the roots, and some highlights to connect the two. I thought i wanted my natural colour with some highlights like a bunch of celebs has (fx Jennifer Aniston) but im getting tired of it and feel that i look old and worn out. Ive had dark as well as platinum hair but cant decide which one is best, and I'm thinking of trying a darker strawberry blondish, what do you think? Also, what should i do with my fringe? I have a really low forehead so blunt bangs are a no no, and its getting too long now... Hope you have some idea and that I'm not too picky ;) I added some photos for reference too All the best to you and your family! and tiny baby Indy of course!

Thanks so much for your question! First of all, hello hottie!! You are so cute and I don't even know where to start. lol!!  So let me get this straight, you are bored with your hair, have a small forehead, need a change, love volume and don't like shiny hair? Where shall we begin??

First lets talk volume and shine. Have your ever tried a root lifter or a volume mousse at the roots? These products will help give you volume that will last all day long and they don't add any shine. Most of them have alcohol in them so they actually coarsen the hair and make the roots look more "Matte."  I like using the Label M Volume Mousse for volume from roots to ends or you can use Catwalks, Your Highness Root Booster for loads of volume at the roots. But sounds like you still may have to tease your hair a bit at the roots, but at least it would hold better when using these products. Also, have your stylist add soft layers on top and texturize your hair so that your is not as heavy, therefore creating more lift.

OK, so now with your color. If you want the "matte look" you probably want to stick with a blonde tone because the dark tone will reflect light and giving you the appearance of more shine to the hair. If you stick with a blonde tone,  I'd say go for a richer blonde like a beige or a golden blonde. Or even a lite Carmel brown would look amazing! I also really love you idea of strawberry blonde. You could always rock a few low lights of strawberry blonde mixed in with your natural hair coloring. I personally feel like you should rock some of the color tones below if you were to stick with being blonde bombshell.

 Or if you want to go the dark route, (which is what I would highly recommend) just use a dry shampoo to take the sheen away.  I personally feel that dark suites you better, you are an extremely gorgeous girl and dark brings out your eyes girlfriend!! Plus, fall is right around the corner. I personally feel you should rock some of the more warm, rich tones of browns. Maybe even with a hint of red in the color. And if your bored, go for some hidden contrasting highlights like Lindsey is rocking in the pic below. 

As far as your bangs aka fringe  and style goes, I say go a tad shorter. Maybe opt for a fringe like Emma Stones in the picture above. Also, I feel like your hair is so thick and heavy, I'd suggest adding more seamless layers in the hair for movement and fullness. Another look that would look great is adding an angle to your perimeter and add loads of seamless layers for tons of body and movement.  

I really hope this helps!! Do you have a hair question that you are dying to know? If so, feel free to email me at Jennystrebe(at)