Hair Color Help!

Lets jump start this week with a little Q & A action!! This question is from an adorable Filipino viewer name Michee. She wants some hair advice on what she should do to her hair color. She really can do no wrong since she is so gorgeous, this is what she emailed in:

Hello Jenny! I recently just found your blog (thank all things divine that I did, your blog is amazing. You are amazing!) and I have a question. Questions, to be honest. First and foremost, I want to change my hair color. I have tried coloring my hair before but it was too light and it washed me out. I'm a Filipina with a warm skin tone. Sometimes my skin looks olive, sometimes golden, sometimes just brown. It depends on the lighting, actually. Anyway... I'm thinking dark brown but it seems boring, I want highlights in, maybe even Sombre. What do you think? I have thin, limp, softly layered black long hair now, you think maybe you can throw in a couple of hairstyle ideas too? :) I'll attach a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. Also, since I just newly found (and completely devoured) your blog.

Michee, thanks for you question. First of all, you could get away with a lot of different hair colors. I know brown sounds boring to you but there are so many different shades of dark brown to make it look and sound not so boring. I'd say stick with shades that are rich in color like Carmel's, Mocha's or Chocolate tones. All of these tones will really complement your skin and eye coloring. 

If you are wanting to go for a Sombre look, keep it soft. Ombre and Sombre are making there way out and lately hair color has been trending more on the softer side. Its all about rich tones with highlights that blend well and almost look a tad grown out oppose to showing heavy lines of demarcation. Have your stylist try a hair painting technique similar to the photos below.

What to avoid is gold tones which with your texture of hair will only make the hair color look brassy. Brassiness is never flattering on someone with the same skin tone as you. 

As far as the style goes, opt for some long layers with some texture to the ends. This will allow you to get more volume and movement throughout the hair. If you are truly bored with the cut, try going for a long side swept fringe that blends into the hair. This will allow you to drastically change your look with out doing anything drastic.

I hope I helped you with your hair dilemma. Do you have a hair question you are dying to know? If so, feel free to email me or comment below.