So many neat and wonderful things are going on in my life at the moment, so I decided to do a "Currently" post of my own like a lot of my favorite blogger's do from time to time.

Absolutely in love with my son Indy. He is so perfect and this is way easier the second time around than the first. Just look at how cute Magnolia is with him.

Watching True Blood and so excited about it. I read the whole Sookie Stackhouse series and even though I was super disappointed with the last couple of books in the series, I will still continue to be True Blood fan.

Trying to lose baby weight and keep my sweet tooth in check. So, I've been making lots of healthy Vegan Chocolate. I even tried the vegan peanut butter cups this blogger made and they are seriously amazing. Anyone else have a good recipe for this sweet tooth fanatic?

Feeling sexy rockin my 90's side part (tutorial soon) and wearing Neon Orange MAC lipstick like its going out of style. I totally jumped on this hair and lip shade trend for summer.

Nerding out on reading!! After watching all 3 seasons of Game of Thrones I decided to start reading the books and I can't put them down. I started on book 3 and I'm just finishing it. It's so bad its good if you ask me. And why would I rather get nothing done and read these books instead? Who else is geeking out with me? Got any good book recommendations?

Loving these adorable and soft bamboo muslin blankets. They are perfect for living in Arizona because they are so breathable.

Having so much fun being a contributor for Divine Have you checked it out yet?

Feeling like a dumb ass, as I've had two people comment about my bad grammar in my posts. Sorry ladies, I studied the art of hair not English Grammar. But I will get better as I go, so thanks for supporting me through this journey in writing, as I never thought this would EVER be a road I would want to go down. Please don't tell me I'm the only person horrible at grammar.

Excited that my makeup artist friend Nikki started a blog called Always and ecstatic her and I are going to collaborate in some videos for her YouTube Channel. Have you checked it out yet?

Getting my butt kicked by doing the 30 day squat challenge. Its getting really difficult, but I'm determined to keep on truckin. I'll let you know if I notice any results. Has anyone tried this?

What has everyone else been up to?

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