Best Detangling Brush Ever

I recently went to my local beauty supply store to stock up on a few hair goods before returning back to work from my short lived maternity leave. I was looking for a new paddle brush for my daughter because if you remember from a past post, she had an awful case of head lice weeks ago. I don't even want to use the same paddle brush I was using back then because it gives me the hebegebees just thinking about it. Paranoid I know, but it really grossed me out.

Well, I came across this little gem of a hair brush while browsing the aisles. Its called the Wet Brush and it says right on the package that its the best detangling brush ever, so I asked the clerk and she said that she believes it is. So I decided to give it a whirl. 

I'm so glad I decided to give this brush a chance because this brush is amazing!! My daughter usually kicks and screams when I want to take out her tangles, but she held completely still with this one and get this....she even wanted to use it on her self. If you have hair that always seems to get tangled while wet or have a daughter of your own that its impossible to get her tangles out, this is the brush for you.

This brush has ultra flexible bristles that bend, making it really easy to get all those dang knots and tangles out. Loving this hair brush and I believe its a must for every household.