Clip In Extentions For Fullness

How's every one's week been so far? Mine has been fantastic. Baby boy and me are doing awesome! He is such a chill baby, which is making the transition from one to two kids extremely easy. It makes being a mom so fun and definitely well worth it. 

To jump start this week, I'm answering your questions. This question is from a viewer named Lesley over at By The blog and this is what she wrote in.

Hey there! Love your blog! I was wondering if you could offer some sort of advice. I have really fine hair and I need some thickness! Do you have any advice? Should I just get extension clip-ins to make my hair fuller? Thanks :) Lesley 

Lesley, I feel your pain! I too have fine textured hair and crave thickness. Luckily there are tons of options for us fine haired ladies. If you are wanting to try clip in's for thickness, I say go for it lady!! Clip in extensions will allow you to have lots of fullness and if you go for a bit of added length you can have lots of fun with them. They are also a great alternative to permanent hair extensions that can really hurt your wallet. Just make sure when choosing your clip ins you get 100% human hair and you match your hair color as close as possible. I'd also recommend bringing them into your stylist during your next visit so they can cut them in a way that they will naturally blend with your existing hair. I tell you, there is nothing worse then bad looking extensions. Just remember real human hair and blend, blend, blend. 

Other options for hair thickness are hair products. There are tons of hair products out on the market that will help give our limp locks some extra bounce. I actually have a thin hair product tutorial coming out in the next couple weeks so make sure to keep an eye out for that one. But for the mean time I love mousses, root lifters and hair dust to create volume in my locks. Which don't worry, I go over all of these fabulous products in my upcoming video tutorial. 

Lesley, thanks so much for your question and I hope this helps you out! I'd love to hear back from you if you achieve the fullness you are looking for.