Short Hair Updo Ideas

Happy Monday everyone, and for all of you fathers out there, I hope you all had a wonderful fathers day. The hubby and I spent fathers day relaxing with our little ones in the morning before we had some good family company over later on that afternoon. Like always, I'm going to start this weekend off by answering some of your hair questions. This weeks question is from a new viewer that is cute as can be. Her name is Niki from Hip Shapes and Bristol Fashion Blog. Here's what she emailed in:

I used to have longish hair and used to love playing around with different hairstyles all the time…I would wear my hair differently almost every day, but I moved to India over a year ago and decided that having a shorter hair style would be the best way to cope with the heat…but actually I regretted and wished I’d kept it long so I could tie it up. My hair grows sooooooooooo slowly but after a year it’s finally just above my shoulders. It looks like it’s growing out of a style and doesn’t look great worn down but isn’t quite long enough to do much with. It’s wavy and temperamental and also not in great condition thanks to the Indian weather and water. Anyway, I’m waffling – sorry! I wanted to get in touch and see if you had any style advice and up do’s for (only just) shoulder length, wavy hair that’s in that growing out stage? I’ve tried quite a few of your tutorials but my hairs not quite long enough yet. Thanks Jenny! Niki

Nikki, thanks so much for your question. First of all you are so cute and I actually really like your hair style at the moment. Minimalistic bobs are very trendy at the moment, but i totally empathize with you about being bored with your style as its growing out. Since you are growing your locks out, why don't we go over some easy up styles that would work beautifully with your hair length while you are in the growing out stage.

Some easy up styles that work well with mid length hair are braided, twists, knots and bun styles. Id say try my Messy Four Braid UpdoRolled Pony Updo and Knotted Updo. All of these styles will work beautifully for your length and hair texture. Braids & knots will allow short hair to be confined, allowing short hair to stay into place. It's very key that you braid, twist or knot the hair below the ear, secure it with a bobbi pin and have fun with the top half by either teasing it back, twisting, knotting or braiding it.  This will give you the illusion of your hair being longer than it is. Other options could be buns, but add variety to your buns by adding fun braids or twists in your buns.

Niki, feel free to get creative and have fun with your up styles. I'd love to see pics of what you came up with. Good luck and I hope I helped answer your hair question.