My Overnight Bag Must Haves

On my way to the hospital and soooo looking forward to meeting my baby boy soon. I pre-wrote this post just for this occasion, and I can't wait to post about my son here in a few days. So stay posted. I know this seems extremely vain, but I felt it was necessary for me to go over with the ladies who may be expecting in the near future on what I packed in my overnight bag.  But ladies, don't limit these must haves to having a baby. It could be for any overnight excursion.

For women who don't know, when you are getting close to the end of your pregnancy your doctor or midwife advise you to pack an "overnight" bag. This bag usually includes toiletries, comfy clothes, a going home outfit for you and your babe and whatever you feel is necessary for the big occasion.

I've packed a bag of normal stuff, but I have some hair must haves as well. Believe me, I may or may not feel like being in the picture mood, but just in case, I want to be prepared. Am I packing a bag of hair goodies to make me look like a Victoria Secret model? Heck no, if I was thinking that way I would have some really unrealistic hair expectations. I just want to be comfortable and not look like a hot mess in the "just in case" I want to take a pic scenario. Plus, all of my overnight bag goodies are super simple and will help me look and feel comfortable in god knows how many hours of labor. 

Starting from top left to right:

  • My paddle brush!! I love my Large Paddle Cushion Brush ! It's soft on my scalp and tangles and I use it everyday. I have to have it in order to tame my locks in case there is any dread locks or tangles from whatever may occur in the hospital.
  • Elixir Ultime I eat drink breath this stuff, so why wouldn't I bring it with me?? OK, I don't ingest it, but might as well. This is my all around favorite product. If my hair is dry or frizzy looking, I can use a small pump of this bad boy and my hair is instantly calm again.
  • God knows how long I may have to go in between shampoos lets alone showers while I'm in the hospital waiting to meet my little man. A good dry shampoo is a must so I can make my day 3 hair look like day 1 again. 
  • Call me crazy, but maybe Ill want to do something fun with my hair after he is born. I threw a couple of my favorite bobbi pins in my bag just in case. Plus, how annoying are those little fly aways, I may need to do a little sprucing up if my hair goes wild.
  • After being a hair scrunchy advocate for years, someone finally came out with cuter hair ties that don't leave creases or pull out your hair. Not only are these elastic bands perfect for nighttime, they are cute and will leave your hair looking great without the crease.
Do you have your own must haves?? If so, I'd love to hear what they are and why.