Messy Fishtail Updo

I'm all about different hairstyles that are easily obtainable to the average women no matter if she has hair skills or not. I love this particular updo I created above because it looks complicated, but it's easy to achieve. Follow my super simple step by steps to find out how. 

Messy Fishtail Updo
  1. Start with dry hair. If you hair is fine, start off your style with a bit of curl in your hair for texture.
  2. Section out your hair from the bottom of your crown to your ear. Clip away for later.
  3. Split remaining top section in half and clip the other half away for later.
  4. Take one side of your left out sections, create pony tail and secure with an elastic.
  5. Working on the same section, start a fishtail braid technique by splitting the hair in half.
  6. Take a strand of hair from the outside of your split section on your right
  7. Pull section over your right section and into the left section.
  8. Work this technique until you get to the ends of your hair.
  9. Secure ends with an elastic.
  10. Cut the elastic where you secured your pony tail.
  11. Repeat the fishtail braid technique to your two remaining sections.
  12. Now, loosen hair out of each fishtail braid by massaging hair out of the braid to give it a soft texture.
  13. Take back fishtail braid, fold in half, and secure into place with bobbi pins.
  14. Now take one of the fishtail braids on the sides and drape across the back of your updo and secure with bobbi pins.
  15. Repeat this technique with the remaining braid.
  16. Finish this look off by using a medium hold hairspray.
How cute is this look? Will you give it a try?