Prom Hair Question

I only went to a couple of fancy school dances growing up, is that crazy or what? My friends from high school are still some of my closest friends today, but for some reason we thought we were too cool for school dances. So when I got today's "Ask Jenny" question I was thrilled to answer it. This is what adorable Hailey from above emailed in: 

Hey there Jenny! I just came across your page today, and you are awesome! But I am really in quite the pickle.. so I'm 18, and prom is TOMORROW, and I have yet to decide how to do my hair. I can't think of what will suit my dress the best! Is there I way I could show you my dress, and you could possibly recommend a hairstyle? Here is a picture of my dress and one on the model. I personally don't like my hair down with it. Unless you disagree. But I'm thinking I like the idea of an updo!  PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you :) -Hailey

I recommended to Hailey that she should either do a low bun or side bun hairstyle or have it down with some glamorous waves. I felt like the dress has a lot going on so you want to keep it sexy yet simple.  The dress reminded me a lot of what you saw on the red carpet this year and everyone wore their hair down with glamour waves. She chose the down style and doesn't it look amazing??

Hailey, thanks so much for your question and emailing in. You are adorable, and it looks like you were on your way to have a great night!! xo