Help! In Need Of New Haircut.

Hi Jenny! I ran into your website while looking for hairstyles for my next visit at the salon. I am having trouble finding a haircut that flatters my face shape. I have a small forehead and rounder in the cheeks. Right now I have long layers, which I would like to keep, but my ends look dried out. Any suggestions or links I can visit to give my hairstylist an idea of what I want?
Thanks for your help, Paula

Hey there Paula!! Thanks so much for your question! So happy that you've found my hair blog, and I'm hoping I can help you out with your hair dilemma. Judging from the pictures you emailed in, it looks like you have a triangle face shape. Which the triangular face shape is narrow at the forehead and wide at the jawline.

I think you should stick with long layers, but maybe bring them up a few inches, that way the layers cut in to the cheekbone area where its a tad bit fuller. Make sure the layers are no shorter than your jaw bone area, because you want to avoid the cheeks looking fuller. This will also allow you to get movement and height in your hair which will give it more "umph." 

You are an incredibly gorgeous young lady who resembles Kourtney Kardashian, so I'd say look to her when you want to change up your hair because you looks so much alike and she has a similar face shape as you. Just call her your hair role model!! The picture below is the kind of layers that you need and just throwing it out there, her hair color would look amazing on you as well!! 

Hope this helps you out, and if you decide to go with this look, please email me a pic because it will look amazing on you!!