My Must Haves For Behind The Camera

Looking back at some of my first YouTube tutorials, I realized thank goodness that I figured out what looks best on camera. Maybe it was just the pregnancy glow in my third trimester, but I'm loving how my skin looks in my latest tutorials. Now, on a daily basis I usually use all the natural goods on my skin, but with the quality of my tutorials being so great, the natural stuff just isn't cutting it. So I thought today I'd go over everything I use on my skin on days I film my tutorials. And, what do you know...its all MAC. (except for my Jane Iredale)

Starting from Top left to right:

  • Matchmaster 1.0 is an amazing demi-matte finish foundation that gives me the coverage I need. Unfortunately I have bad skin that is prone to acne and scars so I needed a foundation that would help give me a flawless finish on camera, and this product does just that. I apply this foundation right after my daily moisturizer with my fingers believe it or not, and let it work its magic.
  • Studio Finish Concealer. I use this bad boy after I apply my foundation. A little bit of this concealer gives me the coverage I crave while still making my face feel breathable. I'm usually a mineral makeup kind of girl, so I needed something with coverage but lightweight. I apply this with my finger tips. Love this concealer!!
  • Jane Iredale Mineral Powder This is what I use on a daily basis. It gives me excellent coverage but not enough for the camera so I've been using this as a setting powder to help lock in my foundation. I use it right after I apply my foundation and concealer. Its light weight but most importantly it doesn't leave my face feeling cakey or shiny.
  • Prep + Prime Eye is some kind of gift of god kind of product. Apply a small bit of this product on your lids before applying shadow and colored eye shadow won't budge at all. I love this stuff because I can go all day without reapplying. It should be a must have for every women that loves colors on her eyes.
  • Penultimate Eye Liner is shaped as a pen, so it makes application very easy to use. If you can use a pen, you can use this liner. Its fool proof for sure!
  • Eyebrow pencil  by MAC has a few shades to chose from in the eyebrow pencil collection, my favorite color is Fling. Its kind of a waxy eye brow pencil so it gives my brows a tad bit of hold with filling them in. I can't live without this stuff.
  • Bronzing Powder by MAC is a tinted powder that's slightly frosted to give you a dewy glow look. I love this for behind the camera because it gives me a tad bit of color and I use it to contour my cheekbones as well as on my jawline to thin my face.
  • Prep and Prime Lip is my must have for my lips. I love a lot of darker shades of lipsticks and this bad boy primer helps my lips stay looking fresh and in place all day. It works especially well for when I wear my bright red lips.
  • Fix + makes my skin look fresh and awake. With me being in my third trimester of my pregnancy, sleep is becoming harder to come by. Fix + spray has caffeine in it along with vitamins, minerals, green tea, cucumber so it gives my skin a pick me up while refreshing it all at the same time. I carry the travel size in my purse all day long!!

Before I figured out what makeup I should wear.

After I figured out what makeup I should wear.

What a difference right?? And special thanks to Nikki Lawsen at Scottsdale Fashion Square MAC who helped me find what makeup I needed. Do you use any of these products, or have any must haves of your own??