Don't know what to do with your hair?

Its "Ask Jenny" time!!! This weeks post is from a lovely viewer named Bea, who unfortunately has a bit of a hair dilemma. Read what adorable Bea wrote in:

Hi Jenny,
My name is Bea and I love changing up my hair. I've had super-long hair, boy-short hair, extensions, black hair, blonde hair, dip-dyed hair, side-fringe, full fringe etc. Pretty much everything except shaving it all off!! So next on my list of hair 'to-do's' is all-over purple (exciting stuff!!!) but I'm constantly at a loss with what to do with my hair style. I don't think I want to have short hair again (as I start to miss my long hair) and I have literally no idea about my fringe. So my 2 problems: 1) I have a very high forehead (Sexy in the middle ages, not so much THIS century) 2) Around my temples my hairline goes waaaay back so I look a bit like my hairline's receding :( So as much as possible I'd like to try and hide both of those things. My hair's pretty fine but there is loads of it. Any help you can give would be amazing. Much love, Bea.xx

Hey there Bea, thanks so much for your question!! I'm not going to lie....this is a tough question. Now, I'm just going to go off of the trends. Right now, hair is kinda boring in the sense that mid-lengths to long lengths are very minimalistic at the moment. Long lengths with a tad bit of layers for soft movement are all the rage right now.The good thing about that is that trendy hair is very wearable for every women no matter the length, face shape and hair texture. I know...bummer news.

But the good news is that I will say that the purple will stand out just enough to be different and trendy while making your feel like you are out of your hair rut. I suggest opt for a violet tone instead of purple tone like the photo below. And, considering the length of your hair right now, I'd say do a trendy minimalistic bob for now, just like the pic below. This will allow your hairline around the face to be covered while being on style point. The minimalistic bob would look fabulous on your face shape!!

Feeling a bit more daring?? I know you said you didn't want to go short again, but I think a Miley Cyrus type of undercut would be perfect with your hairs dilemma and would look super cute on you. Her short undercut with a longer fringe would work great on you, as the long swoopy fringe that sweeps across her forehead would hide your hair line while looking super hot and trendy. Plus, this style will look sensational with violet hair.

I hope my advice helps, or at least gives you ideas to let marinate Bea. I really appreciate your question!!

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