World Renowned Hairdresser Efi Davies

The lovely Efi Davies

Hair Designs for Fam Irvoll at London Fashion Week

Backstage at Belle Sauvage at London Fashion Week

Backstage at Phoebe English at London Fashion Week

About 7 months ago I met an extremely talented hairdresser at a playground in Scottsdale, AZ. Yup, its CAN really meet friends at the playground. Her name is Efi Davies and ironically we were both wearing cheetah print dresses, except I had a denim vest on and she had a jean jacket. Ha, right?? We were at the playground with our daughters and we got to talking. Immediately we discussed that we were both hairdressers and immediately became friends. Throughout the weeks of hanging out, she failed to mention all of her accomplishments, but it didn't take long after I figured out who exactly I was hanging out with, that my total hair envy set in.

Efi is an international artistic director for Toni and Guy UK, Essentials UK, and Label M. She's been in the hairdressing Industry for 16 years now. Her and her hubby moved here about 10 months ago with their adorable 17 month old daughter, yet she is still working her magical hair skills in the UK and is constantly traveling with the ever so amazing product line Label M.

Efi has a long list of accomplishments under her belt, but just to name a few, her greatest accomplishments have been, British Newcomer of the year 2005, Nominated for Avant garde hairdresser of the year 4 years in a row and finally won British Avant garde hairdresser of the year in 2010 & 2011. And if you don't know about hairdresser awards, that is the Kreme dela Kreme of hairdresser awards. And get this, it was straight after she had her baby. And luckily for me, she moved to the states and one day was roaming the playground. I often tell her, that I feel like won the friend lottery or something. 

 Along with all of her achievements, she has worked backstage for Vivian Westwood, Aminaka Wilmont, Jean Pierre Braganza, Jonathan Saunders , Giles deacon, GarethPugh, Matthew Williamson ,Todd Lynn,Mary Katranzou,Belle Sauvage, Spijkers en Spijkers, and many more. Ummmm can I just say it again.... I have HAIR ENVY!!! I will weasel my way into assisting aka being her hair slave for her one of these days. And if that's not enough, her work has been published in magazines such as vogue, Elle, Grazia,Vibe, Zoot and Flaunt. AMAZING RIGHT!?? 

 So now that I'm buddies with this world renowned hair dresser, I got the opportunity to ask her for some behind the scenes pics at London Fashion Week...Yup, she was there too. She's unstoppable! So the pics above is Efi and her team's work they rocked at London Fashion Week. And, if you haven't checked out the product line called Label M, you should because it's not only fun, high class and funky, it's actually a really awesome line. I know, because I used it when I was working in Ireland. It's pretty awesome stuff.  And yes, I'm totally bragging about my new friend.