Brittle hair.... help!!!

Wowza, what a week so far and it's only Tuesday!! As many of you know, I am almost 32 weeks preggo with a son and I've been working really hard to be able to bring you hair tutorials and posts throughout my whole maternity leave. I've been filming fun, informative tutorials every week for all my lovely followers. Above are a few sneak peek photos of YouTube tutorials to look forward to. But for now, I want to jump start this week by answering your questions, today's "Ask Jenny," post is from a lovely viewer named Christi who is having a brittle hair dilemma. This is what she wrote in:

Hey there Jenny. My hair is really dead, I need something to bring it back It's very brittle, it has no volume! I dye my hair about every 3-6 month's I dye it bleach blonde I have for about 3years now. I really need advice! Can u help me.-Christi

Christi, thanks so much for your question. You poor thing!! I know from personal experience that bleaching your hair can lead to over processed and damaged tresses. But you're in luck, because there are a few simple steps and products you can use to help improve the quality of you hair. 

First of all, whats your hair routine? Are you using good quality hair care products? Any time you make a commitment to blonde, you better make a commitment to quality products. Now, there are a lot of awesome products out on the market, but I can only speak from personal experience with products that I use on a daily basis and  I've fallen in love with. Now, speaking from experience, start your hair routine out with a good reconstructive shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner. I'd recommend the whole line of Resistance Force Architecte . This whole line is geared to help repair damaged locks.

Are you using heat to your hair? If so, I definitely would recommend using Fibre Architecte it helps protect your locks from heat damage while repairing your hair. Use a pump or two, apply mid-shaft to your ends before you use any kind of heat tools. Love!! 

Other things you can do is try to stay away from heat tools as much as possible. If you like to curl or iron your hair, try to go as many days without styling it. You can use a dry shampoo to last a few more days in between shampoos. 

Last but not least, and I know you probably don't want to hear it, but maybe give the bleach a break. Ask your stylist to do a high lift blonde instead of a peroxide blonde. High lift colors aren't as harsh to the hair, so you are able to grow your hair out to be a bit more healthier. 

Christi, thanks so much for your question. I really hope this helps. Please let me know the progress of your brittle hair if you take any of my helpful advice. xo