Ask Jenny about the Hair Industry

Hows every one's week? Did anyone get to do any fun hair styles over the weekend? I got to film a couple bridal hair video tutorials, and I'm so excited to share with you guys in the very,very near future. Above are a few little teasers. But for now, I'm answering your questions, and this weeks "Ask Jenny," post is from Courtney from New Jersey, and this is what Courtney emailed in:

"Hi Jenny, I absolutely love your blog. I actually have a question. I'm 25 and have always been interested in becoming a hairstylist. I love hair and was just wondering if you think its to late to pursue this passion and what are some of the pros and cons. "
-Courtney, NJ

Courtney, thanks so much for the question! I'm actually really excited to answer it. First of all, you go for your dreams girl. If you think its a true passion of yours, you are never to old to achieve what you desire. There's nothing worse than looking back at something and regretting it. 

In my opinion, there aren't too many cons in the hair dressing industry. You make people feel good about themselves each and everyday, which makes it extremely heartwarming as well as rewarding. Now, if you aren't a hard worker, as well as don't go above and beyond for your clients, then yes....that would be a con. At the beginning of becoming a hairstylist, you do have to work hard and bend over backwards for your clients. You want people to come back to you, so you need to accommodate them no matter what. 

Another important point is, you have to educate yourself. If you don't like learning new techniques and keeping up with the trends, you won't get very far in the industry, but it sounds like you have the drive for it!

If you are the creative person Coutney, this job is definitely for you. You can go so many directions with being a hairdresser. You can do photo shoots, runway shows, daily clients and the list goes on. Through all of those, you can let your creative freedom flow, and clients appreciate it.

Hairdressing isn't only an extremely creative job, you build long standing friendships with your clients. I like to think of my job as I get to play all day, as well as socializing, instead of working. 

I appreciate your question as it is allowing me reflect on how much I truly love my clients and love being a hairstylist, so I thank you. I have literally had the opportunity to watch some of my clients grow up, others rebel, helped women through breakups and I can honestly say my clients are my friends. I've laughed so hard with them, that I've almost peed my pants, and I've also cried with others.

I say if becoming a hairstylist is where your heart is, go for it Courtney. I'd love for you to email me throughout your journey. Thanks for your question!!