A Jenny's Must Have, Spray Wax

To go off of my exciting product giveaway this week, I wanted to talk about my fav's that I'm giving away and go more into detail. Now, I've been trying to find an easy to use spray wax for sometime. I was at our local beauty supply store the other week and wanted to try one by Big Sexy Hair, but they were all out (bummer) but then as I continued to browse the store, I came across KMS Hair Play Dry Wax Spray (4.6 oz.) so I decided to give it a go. And, can I just say that I'm glad I did.

This spray wax is life changing. When I've dabbled with spray wax in the past, the product either sprays out to fast or too clumpy. Well, call me Jennylocks, because KMS spray wax comes out just right. 

Not only is it an amazing, easy to use product, it's extremely affordable! Loving it! Now, a lot of women don't know how to use a spray wax or what its for, so I'm going to educate you. Spray waxes help give texture and define layers.  Sometimes women who have all over color lax definition in their style since the layers may blend in a bit with the rest. Spray a little wax in and watch your haircut turn from blah to ta-dah! Below are some examples of some styles that most likely have a "texturizng" product in them.  Ever wonder how the Olsen twins get the grunge look? Yup, you guessed it...by using a spray wax.

OK, so lets talk application. Since the wax sprays out pretty fast, you want to be careful not to have it spray in one area of you hair. This can lead to over product usage, leaving the hair  feeling a bit sticky. I highly recommend using a blow dryer on medium heat and blow drying the hair all over, while spraying your wax. This will allow you locks to get nice separation from the wax and will allow the wax to spread evenly. The heat will actually warm the wax, allowing the wax to really work its way into your hair and most importantly evenly. Watch my below video on how I like to use it.