Volumizing VS Conditioning Shampoo's

Ladies, I feel like I've been a total slacker in answering all your questions. Last week and I was ecstatic to release the first of many hair tutorials on my youtube channel, that I feel like I've been neglecting the everyday women at home. So with that....I'm getting back on track with answering your questions. Here is a question I received from Caitlin Messina from Salt Lake City, Utah. Here's what she wrote in.

Jenny, I wanted to get your opinion on something...I heard somewhere that it is better to have a shampoo and conditioner that promotes healthy hair, instead of using something to help with volume for example, and then using styling products to achieve the look you want. The point they were trying to make is that you should start with healthy hair first and then find products that give you the results you want. Apparently the specialized shampoos and conditioners don't really do much in the way of giving you more volume, for example, its really more about the products you use..What are your thoughts? Hope all is well! Caitlin Messina

Caitlin, thanks so much for your question. This is indeed an excellent question, and the answer to it could really go either way. I see what the person who gave you this advice is trying to say, but it really depends on the condition, texture and thickness of your hair. 

Usually when using a voluminzing hair product, you are using it because you have fine hair and/or lack volume. Yes, its true that most voluminzing products don't normally condition your hair as well as shampoos that are meant for deep moisturizing do. But there are some volumizing shampoos out there on the market that do both.  So with that, if your hair is fine and you use a heavy moisturizing shampoo and conditioner it will most likely weigh your hair down, and yes you can use a few volumizing products in your hair such as mousses or rootlifters in your hair to style, but over usage can lead to drying out your hair as well anyway.

You can also use a volumizing shampoo/conditioner and use a good leave conditioner and/or serum to add moisture and strengthen the hair cuticle. Keep in mind that if you use a luxury hair shampoo such as Keratase or Oribe the volumizing shampoo with give your hair that added bounce, while conditioning it at the same time. So go for the gold, and get the good stuff.

So I'd say, it really depends on your hair and what kind of condition it is in. My ultimate suggestion would be alternating between a good volumizing Shampoo/Cond as well as a moisturizing one. This is my daily routine. I have chemically processed, dry, blonde locks and I alternate between Keratase Volumactive shampoo as well as their Bain Satin and Lait vital for moisture. 

Caitlin, I really hope this helps. Thanks so much for your question. Do you have a hair question you would like me to answer? If so, please email me at Jennystrebe@hotmail.com