The Girl Who Burnt Her Hair Off.

Holy viral video!!! Now, I'm sure you have seen this video by now, who hasn't!! I can't tell you how many people have sent this video to me through Facebook, email or text.

 The poor girl singes off a chunk of her hair while preforming a hair tutorial. To be honest with you, I thought this was fake at first. I only say this because her reaction was very, very calm for a teenager. But, after viewing several times, I came to the conclusion, its definitely not fake, and wanted to take the opportunity to state what I think went wrong.

First of all she used Split Remedy by Tresseme completely wrong. This product says to use on towel dried damp hair. I'm guessing that it is a water based product, which water and heat equal steam. When using any kind of iron on damp hair, it completely singes the hair off. Plus, she probably held the curling wand on the hair for a little too long. I counted she held the wand on her hair for 18 seconds. Holy moly, that's a long time. 3 to 5 seconds should be efficient enough.

Another thing to take into consideration is her hair looks thin, and possibly chemical textured (aka damaged) already. So with the wrong heat product, holding it for a bit too long, damp hair, plus thin hair equaled disaster for this poor girl!! That my professional opinion, what do you guys think??