3 Dates, 3 Styles

What lady hasn't had to run out the door in a matter of minutes and wanted to change their hair or makeup really quickly? Yup, I've been there, we all have. My latest YouTube tutorial below shows you how you can easily transition into one style into the next. It's all about your foundation. If you start with a good foundation such as a good curl or blow dry, you will have tons of options. This video will show how to achieve the foundations and help you start with the basics. I really hope you enjoy the video. And don't forget to subscribe to YouTube Channel for weekly information, tips and tutorials all about hair!! 

I also want to thank Nikki Lawson, from MAC at Fashion Square for doing my makeup for these videos. Didn't she do a wonderful job??? Have questions on Makeup? Ask for Nikki at MAC. Love her!! Her personality is just as awesome as her makeup skills.