Holiday Hair Gifts To Impress

Alright all you last minute shoppers, this post is dedicated to you. So Christmas is right around the corner and you have know idea what to get your best friend, daughter, girlfriend, sister, niece or basically any stylish woman who loves to do her hair. Well, I'm going to give you a few killer ideas for that perfect Christmas gift this year. All of these products or tools I'm going to go over, are all gifts in my professional and personal opinion that would impress any female. Especially those women who want to get salon quality looks.

HOT TOOLS!! These curling irons are a MUST HAVE! My favorite size is the 1 1/4inch. You can create tight curls by taking small sections or you can take large sections for hot sexy Victoria Secret hair. If your girl friend doesn't have one of these...well you better go get you one for that special someone.

Have you heard any complaints from the one you love about how crappy their flat iron is? Well, look no farther. Out with the CHI irons in with the GHD. This is a professional grade flat iron that will impress any lady.


Has a loved ones hair felt a bit crunchy lately? If so, she/he will love a luxury shampoo, conditioner and/or hair masque from Keratase. Now, this is a high end luxury product and every women would feel blessed getting one of these if she/he has been good this year. This is one of those gifts you would love to have, but feel guilty at buying for your self. If you live in Scottsdale, AZ stop by Salon Stylush to pick some up or order online at

Needing an awesome salon quality dryer for a great price. Check this Babyliss Pro out. Any one would love to have this dryer at home.

Suffering from hard water at home? Maybe spoil yourself with getting this amazing water purification system. I swear this product will make your hair feel a lot softer. 

Great round brushes are always a must. I recommend a ceramic brush. I personally love the 1 3/4inch size. Gives tons of lift, and not a whole lot of dated curl.

What women wouldn't want a set of hot rollers? With big hair on the rise, any women would be impressed with this awesome roller set.