Awesome Email!

So yesterday I got the most pleasant email EVER!! It was from the gorgeous Stacey Headley from Stacyanndesigns.blogspot A few weeks ago she wrote in a hair concern and I had answered it with one of my Tuesday "Ask Jenny" posts. She emailed me this last night and to be honest with you, this is exactly why I'm a hairdresser. I love for women to feel good about themselves!!! This is so rewarding you have no idea Stacey, so thank you so much for the lovely email and making my day. 

Hi Jenny! 
I didn't want to forget to send you the before & after pics I promised. I told my stylist your advice, and I'm so happy with the results! Thanks again for answering my question!Also, congrats on baby #2! Your family pictures look beautiful!!-Stacey

Doesn't she look gorgeous? I couldn't be more happy for her!!  CLICK HERE to read about what Stacey wrote in and my answer to her hair question. Do you have a question you are dying to know? If so, please feel free to email me @ and I'll feature you on my Tuesday "Ask Jenny" post.