Ask Jenny About Hiding Post Partum Hair Loss

Hey there everyone! Today is my "Ask Jenny" post. This post comes from a friend named Sarah in Baltimore, MD. She emailed me a few months ago before I was doing my "Ask Jenny" post. She wrote in this question below.

"Jenny, I have A LOT of hair growing back from my post partum hair loss. I have just given birth to a new baby and I know I'm going to lose hair again. I am not feeling very 
pretty lately. Is there any way I can hide this?"-Sarah

Judging from your photo Sarah, looks like you are suffering from post partum hair loss for sure, which is very common after giving birth. Its also very tricky to hide and treat. A lot of women suffer hair loss after birth because of their hormone fluctuations and it can really be embarrassing and down right depressing.

Sarah, you are a beautiful lady, I say cut a long, heavy swept fringe into your hair to help blend the unwanted short hairs that have popped up after birth. By cutting a fringe it will not only blend the short hairs, it will weigh them down so no one will ever know what you are battling.

Now, Sarah took my advice and check out her amazing before and after. The long swept fringe, really did the trick. Doesn't she look amazing!!

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