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  • Oh man, what a week! After $180 bucks down the drain to get my Macbook fixed from water damage  (I guess it could have been worse) I had my cable switched to Direct TV and the installer accidentally unplugged my Internet. So man, I apologize about not posting for a couple of days. It was seriously killing me, and made me realize I rely entirely too much on my computer.  I guess things happen right? 

    Well, with that...I'll continue on to my "Ask Jenny" post. Today's question came from a awesome viewer named Anna. This is what Anna wrote in:

    "Jenny, I have curly hair, how can I go to bed with wet hair without waking up like this?" - Anna

    Thanks so much for your question Anna!! Can I just 
    say that I LOVE your curls!! Now, I will try to give
    you as much of advice as I possibly can, but curly 
    hair is tricky. Every single women with curly hair is completely different. Some have thick frizzy curls, while others have fine wavy tendrils that behave properly. Based on the lovely photo you sent me, I think you are in between. It looks like you have medium coarseness medium tight curls.

    There are a few things you can do Anna. See, curls usually behave better when they aren't messed with. What I mean by this is, the less you do to your hair, the better your curls will behave. You want your curls to go into the natural hair pattern of the wave. That way it will help with frizzes, volume and create a soft curl pattern. 

    Products are key to achieve a nice curl pattern. I suggest using a smoothing balm or cream that is meant for curly hair. What I would recommend is that you shampoo, condition while in the shower, and use a wide tooth comb to lightly comb through your hair before you even rinse the conditioner out. After you get out of the shower, apply your serum or smooth balm through out the hair so it will allow your hair to be weighted down and it will be less frizzy. When applying your product you want to take 1-2 inch sections and twist the  curls in the direction you see fit. This will allow your hair to take on a nice curl pattern and it will look more uniform.

    If you wake up the next day, you may have a few pieces that you may need to fix. So, take a 1inch curling iron and wrap your hair around the iron to fix any wild hairs. Make sense? I really hope this helps you out Anna! And thanks so much for the question. I'd love to see a photo of how it turned out. xo

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