Buenos Dias!!!

Hola Amigos! I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last night. My little family and I went there for me and the hubby's 4 year wedding anniversary. I had such an incredible time, it was really hard to come home. I want to apologize for my sporadic posting last week, I was having issues with my IPad as well as WiFi in general. It was so incredibly frustrating for me, so I gave up and decided to relax and not worry about. So, I'm starting this week all over. 

It was pretty humid on the beaches of Mexico, so I wore my hair up and out of my face 80 percent of the time. I keep it pretty basic and simple while on Vacation. There isn't enough time for creativity when the ocean is beckoning me bright in early each and every morning. I did some basic french twists, side braids, top knots as well as used a hair scarf. I love hair scarfs because you can use them in numerous ways to make your hair look fabulous and super fun. I used them to get my hair out of my face mostly on this trip.

Classic French twist with some hair left out in front.

Here, I used a hair scarf as a head band to keep my hair from getting in my face as I got down with the Mariachi's. 

Yay!! My daughter is finally letting me do a few things to her hair. She really has no choice. I've decided that I'm growing out her fringe, so now everyday she has to wear it up until it's long enough. She will get over it. hehe

Magnolia's top knot bun and sand all over her face. LOL!!

Here's a simple Top Knot bun I did. If you want to see a tutorial on it you can CLICK HERE.

I hope you are enjoying a few of the photos I posted, and that everyone had a fabulous weekend!! Stay tuned for this week, I have lots of fun posts coming up. xo

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