Ask Jenny about curly hair

This Tuesdays ask Jenny post is dedicated to all you beautiful ladies, with the bouncy beautiful curls that keep asking me for some advice. I that a curly hair post hasn't come sooner. I'm going to be honest with you , this post is/was very hard. I had no idea it was going to be so difficult to come up with a few curly haired inspirational pics. Wow! I feel so bad for you ladies. Next time one of my curly haired clients are in my chair, I'm going to have to do a tutorial just for women with curls, as well as share some pics.

Its so true what they say, you always want what you can have. Friends with curly hair, I curl my hair five days out of the week. I love curly hair!! I want curly hair. If I had curly hair, I would want to carefully paint individual curls different color shades and rock it as a hug fro.  Ahhhh.....that would be the dream. But, I don't. Wah! I have fine, limp, lifeless hair that I have to use a hot tool on it, day in and out in order to get any curl in it at all.

When I was working in Ireland as a stylist, I use to get so mad at my clients. I literally would spend an hour straightening their hair with the tiniest round brush you'd ever seen, for my clients to just walk outside and within minutes their hair would turn into a frizzy mess. I thought, why bother? Oh well....even though I cursed some clients under my breath, I still appreciated my experience, as I got to know curly hair very well.

Curly hair can be a tough subject. A lot of women with curly hair want that miracle product that they can throw in their hair after the shower and go. I know if I had curly hair, that's what I would want to do. Unfortunately not everyone can pull that off. Natural curly hair has its ups and downs. So lets chat about them.

 The trend for curly hair at the moment is the defined curl look, like the photos I posted below. You can achieve these looks by either naturally letting your curls dry or diffusing it then curl your hair by wrapping it around a curling iron, going away from the face. You want to work this technique sporadically. I know not all of you have time for that so here are a few other techniques that will help you get out the door quick with manageable curls.

 If your hair tends to be frizzy and have lots of volume to it, you want to start by combing your hair out in the shower while or after conditioning. This way no extra volume is created and you let your curls work into their natural hair pattern. Second, I like using a serum or a heavy smoothing cream to help weigh it down and smooth the ends. I also, suggest if you are in a jam and want to rush out of the house quickly is to take 1 to 1/2 inch sections, twist your sections tightly with a bit of product and naturally let air dry. This technique will give your curls definition and it will reduce volume by the curls be defined and manageable. 

Also, remember that you always want to do a light, seamless layer in your hair. Try to avoid rounded haircuts, or choppy square layers. It will give your hair the appearance of being fuller and thicker. If you want more definition to your hair, have your stylist texturize it by the scooping technique. Scooping technique works because weight is scooped out, going with the direction the hair is naturally curled. It will add more sepeartaion and take out the bulk. Plus, with square layers, it will make your hair look like it has huge steps.

A curly haired celeb that I've always been fond of is Sarah Jessica Parker. She is such a trend setter on the red carpet and in the salon world. I love how she embraces her curls. My favorite style of hers was 10 years ago or so, on Sex in the City when it was in the adorable wedge. So adorable right!?

Below are some fun curly haired inspiration pictures that I found. I love all these looks!!

Do you have any curly hair photos you would like to share? I would really love to see them