Secret Sundays....Wedding consultations.

Hey there! If you are just joining me, I want to fill you in on what my "Secret Sunday's" are all about. Every Sunday, I will inform you on helpful information about hair. It may be something new to you or something you need a quick brush up coarse on. I'm purely just sharing my passion and knowledge of hair with you to enjoy. So with that...lets talk wedding hair.

Wedding season is near, and I can't put into words how thrilled I am!!! I have lots of beautiful brides for the upcoming months of October and November. The other day, I got the amazing opportunity to do a trial on a Bride to be Jill. Her wedding is getting close, and she wanted to come in for her hair trail. We had a lot of fun, and her hair turned out absolutely gorgeous. But, I guess it's hard to make Jill look bad,  since she a stunning bride to be. Today, I want to go over does and don't with wedding trials.  

First things first, book your stylist by referral only. Unfortunately not all hairstylists do wedding hair, so if you can't go see your normal stylist, ask if they can refer someone to you. Referral has been my best friend, I've gotten a lot of referrals from past happy brides. I recommend if you are having a hard time choosing a hairstylist for your big day, you better get to talking. Ask friends and family that have recently gotten married and see if they would recommend their stylist.

Now, when your find your potential hair guru for the day, I highly suggest booking a hair trial. I usually book my brides a month before their wedding. Trials are wonderful for so many reasons. I especially like trial, because if I have never done the brides hair before, it helps calms their nerves the day of. I want them to be comfortable with me, and make sure we are on the same page with their bridal look. I book out an hour for all wedding trials.

Next, you want to bring photos of everything. Well, If you book a trial with me, I need to see it all. I want to see your dress, your veil, and inspirational photos. Us hairstylists are creative people, I need to visualize your dress with your hair. You don't want to go with a Retro hairstyle, when you are wearing a bohemian dress right? Exactly. So, In my opinion its very important to see the dress. Also, bring photos of hairstyles, updo's..etc that you are thinking. You could even make a fun inspiration board on Pinterest and pull it up while your in the salon. I know I'm good at my job, but I'm not a mind reader. It's super helpful when I have photos to go off of. Even if its hairstyles you arent' digging on.

Last my not least, bring in your hair gear. Are you wearing a veil? Or a hair accessory? Bring it in, and lets try it on. Come one, lets have you wear your veil as much as possible. You really only wear it on your special day, so lets put that bad boy in your hair so you can visualize the total look. I'm kinda embarrassed about this, but I actually took my off at my reception, and then put it back on after awhile, because I figured it was the only time I'd wear it again. Plus, I was a little tipsy towards the end of the night. ;)

I hope you find this information helpful, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Enjoy Jill's trial pictures. xo



We used a curl stick to prep  her hair with a medium hold hairspray, we then teased the top and took sections and criss crossed them in the back. She had brought in photos of this style and we nailed it.

Adorable right?