Natural hair remedies anyone?

We as women or men, are always looking for ways to cut down costs for everything. It seems like every time I go to the grocery store, or mall, prices seemed to be slowing increasing. I'm a firm believer of good hair care products, but I decided every month that I want to put some natural, at home hair care remedies to the test for all of you penny pincher's.

I feel like every magazine I read, or hair site I've checked out, there are always those people ranting and raving about so called "miracle" at home hair remedies. So my friends, I've decided to test them out for myself. I'm going to test one out once a month. I'll post a different so called remedy every first Friday of the month, and let you know whether it works or its a total bust.

Now, after doing some research, I found out that there are literally hundreds of remedies claiming to do this...or that, so over the next couple months, Ill pick out a few that sound promising and give you my reviews. But, please, feel free to message me your at home hair care miracle remedy that works for you, r if there is one you are dying to try. I would love to put them to the test. I'm really excited for this challenge. Even though, I love my expensive products and I swear by them, I want to help those who are in a bind and need something fast to add nourishment to their locks. 

The first one I want to put to the test is coconut oil. I use an organic pressed coconut oil for cooking and already have it at home, so this one will be easy. I feel like this one is the treatment you hear about the most. Sure, why not!? Its cheap, readily available in most homes, smells yummy and is perfect for all the women who love natural hair products.

People claim that coconut oil adds moisture and shine, as well as calms the hair frizzes. It also has essential proteins which will nourish damaged hair. So drum roll please......

So my results were that I liked the coconut oil, but I wouldn't recommend it for fine textured hair. I used a 1/2 tsp of the oil in my hair after I shampooed and instead of a conditioner, I applied it mid-shaft to the ends. I let it soak in for about 3-5 minutes and then gave it a good rinse. I didn't use any other products in my hair and I felt that my hair was greasy all day long. I think this treatment would be ideal for thick, frizzy, curly, ethnic hair. I'm not going to exactly call it a bust, but I think its not for beneficial for fine textures.

Here's a photo of my hair curled after using the coconut oil. It looked shiny and soft, but it completely weighed my hair down. The photo above this one, where I was holding the coconut oil, shows what my hair looked like using the product but styled straight. It made it very shiny and healthy looking, I just felt it was too heavy for me.

So my final conclusion on Coconut oil as a hair treatment is confirmed. But only on thick, coarse, dry, frizzy or Afro textured hair. It seems like it will add tons of shine and defrizz your hair, and it has essential proteins in it, so why not try it. Have you ever done this treatment? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts. If not, try it this weekend I would love to hear your results.  xo