Ask Jenny?

I've gotten a few emails regarding hair questions, so I've decided I'm going to turn them into posts. If one person is having issues with something, I'm sure they are not the only one, right? I'm really excited about this. Should I do a "Ask Jenny" post every week? Thoughts anyone? I originally started this blog a few months ago to  help my clients and anyone who personally knows me, knows that I can't half ass anything. So with time my blog design and posts will and have been getting progressively better. 

So, with's what a viewer wrote in.

 "Hi Jenny, I'm Natalia's friend and next door neighbor Caitlin Messina...we very briefly met when you were visiting a couple years ago. Hi again! I follow your blog and love it! Your hair is amazing btw! So I had a couple hair questions, but I totally understand if you have too much going on to get back to me. I just thought Id ask since I think you're probably better than my stylist here...still haven't found someone I love :( How would I explain to my stylist the layers that you put in Natalia's hair when you last visited? We have similar hair and I need some life in it, but my requests never come out how I would like. I have thin/fine hair and don't want it to feel or look more thinned out with stringy layers... I loved Nats cut :) Also, my hair has always been super fabulous about holding curl, like for days, and all of a sudden it doesn't frustrating!  I'd ask someone here, but I really haven't found anyone that I would trust to give me good info and you definitely seem to be good at what you do! Wish I could find a stylist that could actually help me find a flattering style ya know? Thanks tons and looking forward to more blog posts!" - Caitlin Messina
Now the girl named Natalia that Caitlin is referring to is one of my dearest friends. I've known her since High School. She lives in Salt Lake City with her awesome hubby and cutest little son. I visited her a few months back, and I cut some layers into her hair.
Here's a few photos I had her send me from school. Her layers are a tad bit grown out, but you get the point.  Thanks Natalia. 

Caitlin, I'm thrilled that you have reached out to me and I'm flattered that you love Natalias layers. The best way to describe her layers are lots of seamless layers. We stay away from anything chunky or too layered looking and add lots of layers that creates movement in the hair without taking the weight off of her perimenter length. As far as your hair holding curl goes, It's hard to say when I can't see your hair, but I'm guessing from what you said that its from your layers being too heavy. There isn't really an explanation for it, except for it being to heavy to hold curl. Try a lite mousse or spray gel for extra hold. Blow dry it in your hair and curl like normal. I really hope it works, and I'd love, love to see a photo of your total look after you get your hair cut.  Thanks for writing in.  xo

Do you have any hair questions you are dying to know? If so, please email me or comment below.