Summer bun # 1

Hey everyone!! So here's my first bun look. I've seen this bun style on the Kim & Kourtney Kardashian , as well as several other celebrities. I'm totally digging the bun trend right now,  just about anyone can pull it off and its super easy to achieve. Now, this look not only works with straight hair, but for you lovely ladies with curls, this bun look will look fab on you too. 

Start with dry hair. Clean or dirty.

Comb all your hair to the direction where you want your ponytail to be. Secure tightly with rubber band.

Split pony into two sections.

Tightly twist your sections. Then take one twisted section, and wrap around your other section.

Secure ends with a rubber band.

Now take your twisted pony and tightly wrap around rubber band. Secure with bobbi pins.

I don't like my hair super sleek, so here, I lightly pulled my hair out of the bun, to give a little of texture. If you want more of a "sleek" bun, then skip this part. ;)

Super hot top knot!! Adorable right? This just adds a little flare to a standard bun.  Hope you guys like it!! xo