Shampoo for the little one.

Every Friday night, me and the hubby take our daughter Magnolia to her swim class. We go to the Hubbard Swim School in Mesa, AZ which has been absolutely amazing. After each and every class, we head straight to the showers to wash Magnolia's body and hair. It's really important for us as adults to wash the chlorine & chemicals off, but its extremely important to wash your child's body and hair. There skin is so sensitive and you want to be careful with leaving harsh chemicals on there perfect little skin and hair.  I want to go over products that I use on my little sweet pea. I don't use Keratase on her just yet. ;) The products I use is the Burt's bee's Shampoo and body rinse, as well as I alternate with the Natures Baby Organics Shampoo. I wash her hair 3 times a week and after every swim. 

The reason why I like both of these products is because they are both paraben free, contain natural ingredients, vegan and hypoallergenic.  There are many reasons why you should avoid paraben free products, I won't go into detail but basically its a dangerous chemical that helps "preserve" your products. Now me, as a makeup & hair product lover, I unfortunately come across products with Paraben's all the time. But, for my little one,  I chose not to expose her to it.

I feel like both of these products are gentle and safe for Magnolia. They do the job, and get the chlorine out while leaving her hair soft & manageable. I will however be using conditioner on her in the very near future, as her hair is unbelievable long for a 17month old. 

Here's is a pic of my little swimming star!  Have a great weekend!! xo