Makeup Monday...Mix it up!

So over the weekend I went out for my birthday and I was feeling really bored with my makeup.  It was such a busy weekend at work and I had my niece staying with me over the weekend, so the last thing I wanted to do was head to the mall to go into the MAC store. I wanted a new lip shade without going anywhere. So, I decided to mix some shades together to create a new one. 

I've been totally on a coral kick lately, and wanted to change it up. I mixed Myth & Costa Chic MAC lip shades together and it created the sweetest peach color. Why not mix it up right? Nothing wrong with getting creative. Below are some pics of my fun shade I created. 

Here's a pic of the shades I mixed. On top of my hand it's the two colors together. Below the shades mixed together is the two shades next to eachother. They compliement eachother well. 

He is the two colors combined. Beautiful right? It's kinda my new fav at the moment.  

I hope everyone gets experimental with their lips this week. Make today awesome!! xo

Jenny StrebeComment