Communicating to your stylist

Today I want to talk about how you can communicate better with your hairdresser, so you can achieve the look you really want. I'm sure you all have walked into the salon wanting one thing and then coming out with another. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Consultations are key. I know us hairstylists speak a whole different language sometimes, but here are a few tips on how to explain (what it is exactly you are going for) to your hairdresser.

  • Descriptive- Try to explain to the best of your abilities the haircut/style/color you're trying to achieve. You may say you want an inch taken off, but an inch to you, could be different than your hairstylists "inch". Clarify how much or little you want off. Make sure to be very "descriptive."
  • Pictures-Yes, bringing pictures in, is the obvious one. You may say you want your hair red or you may want a new fringe, but there are way too many choices for tones of colors and types of fringe.  Find a few pictures of ideas you had in mind and bring them in. Also, if you bring in a picture, remember to explain what it is exactly that you like about the color or cut. For example, you might just like the way her hair is parted or you like her face framing layers and nothing else. Be specific and explain to you stylist what it is in the picture you like.
  • Tell you stylist what you don't like. Make sure you let your stylist know cuts or color choices that you don't like. You can also bring in a few pictures of what you are not going for. Sometimes that's helpful.
  • Routine-Make sure you let you stylist know your daily routine. If you have ten minutes in the morning to get ready, make sure they know, so they don't give you a style that will take an hour to style. (Remember to be realistic in this part of your consultation)

Even though these are my recommendations to help you explain the exact style that you are going for, please keep an open mind as sometimes a certain cut/color may not be flattering on you. I'd hope in this situation that your stylist would tell you. My clients know that I will be 100% honest with them if a certain style/color won't be flattering. I also ask a lot of questions, so that I know I completely understand my client. Hopefully your stylist does the same. If not, remember all these tips.

So keep in mind to be open and have realistic expectations. Just because Kim Kardashian has amazing hair, doesn't mean we can all look like her. wink...wink...Bring pictures, and be very descriptive. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. And good luck with your next hair care appointment. Let me know how it goes. xo