What's your face shape?

OK, so next week starting on Tues, I'm going to be touching on face shapes. I've been doing hair for going on 12 years now, and have to say that I'm pretty lucky to have such a rocking clientele. Some just sit in my chair and let me do my thing and some bring a few inspirational photo's. I am very lucky because no matter how many photos or ideas someone has, if in my professional opinion it doesn't flatter their face shape,  I won't do it and my clients listen.  I of course do this in a very tactful way, by giving them other options. Ask any of my clients. I'm the hairdresser that will tell you no way! Man do I sound harsh. I of course do this in a very tactful way, by giving them other options. My clients are my walking billboard and if their hair doesn't look good, I don't look good.  In my earlier days in hairdressing I can say I did have the occasional client that intimidated me and I did what ever that wanted, but as they walked out the door I cringed. With that,  I can't emphasize enough on how important taking your face shape into consideration is when choosing a hairstyle. It's pretty simple, if your face is round, you don't want to have a cut that will make it look rounder right?  Exactly. 

OK, so I've taken the break down on basic face shapes straight out of the Milady's book of cosmetology. Its pretty self explanatory. 

  • Oval Face is widest at the temple and forehead, tapering down to a curved chin. This is considered the perfect or ideal facial shape because of its balance and overall look of symetry. 

  • Rectangle face (aka oblong) is long and narrow; the cheeks are often hollowed under prominent cheekbones. Corrective makeup can be applied to create the illusion of width across the cheekbone line, making the face appear to shorter and wider

  • Round Face is widest at the cheek bone area, and is usually not much longer than it is wide, having a softly rounded jawline, short chin, and a rounded hairline over a rather full forehead.

  • Square face has a wide, angular jawline and forehead; the lines of this face are straight and angular.

  • Heart shape has a small promeint chin are narrow jawline, but is wider at the forehead. It is usulally soft rather than angular, and has some promience in the cheekbone area.

  • Triangle (aka Pear shape) is widest at its base or jawline, tapering up to slightly narrower cheeks, and reaching its apex at a narrow forehead. Its jaw is wider than the forhead and characterizes the pear shaped face..

So here are all the face shapes. I have a round face shape, so longer styles work better so it long ates my face making it appear to be thinner. Its pretty basic right? Now, dont worry.  I will touch more on round face shapes in a few days. But for now, study the diagram up above go to your bathroom mirror and figure out what your face shape is and stay tuned for your face shape this coming week. xo
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