Oval face shape

Today I'm going to be talking about Oval shape.The oval face has a slightly rounded hairline and the jawline is narrower than the width of the temples. People with an Oval face shape have it pretty easy breezy. They can basically do any cut that they desire and they usually have tons of options. I suggest for all of you beautiful people with the perfect oval face shape, to just go for it!! If you can pull it off, go on the trendy side with your hair cut since the rest of us have to fake it. ;)
Emma Watson has a perfect example of an oval shaped face. She really can get away with any kind of hairstyle. I prefer her with short hair. She's just so cute!

Halle Berry has a perfect Oval face shape. She can certainly pull of anything.
Oh perfect Gwenth! Thats all I need to say...... 

When I was trying to figure out celebrities with oval face shapes, believe it or not, Sharon came to mind first. Think how many hairstyles she has pulled off over the years. She looks incredible no matter what she does with her hair.  Another perfect oval shape!

Stay tuned for tomorrows face shape!! xo