Product Review time!! Fibre Architecte by Keratase

So this week we finally got our huge order of Keratase in the salon. Can I just say "Wow!" We officially have tons of amazing product to help with any ones hair care needs. After feeling like a little kid in a candy store, I decided to take a few back bar products home to get good feel for them. When getting to know a product, I strictly just use the product I'm trying out, so I know what it is doing differently to my hair. I want to be able to feel the difference on my hair that the product makes.

Today, I used the Fibre Architecte by Keratase. HOLY MOLY, does my hair feel good. I shampooed and conditioned like always and then towel dried my hair and applied. Now, when applying this product you want to use two fingers and press down on the top. The product has two chamber which each side has different ingredients in it. Fun right? 

OK, at this point you are probably wondering what this amazing products does. Well Fibre Architecte is a dual serum that helps repair damaged lengths & split ends. It targets the highest level of hair erosion and helps reconstruct the cuticle from both inside and out restoring its strength and shine. Can I just say that it did just that. I feel like my hair is silky and its sealed my cuticle and repaired it from feeling brittle. I'm in heaven! For me having such platinum blonde hair, this is a must. It has a beautiful scent and I'm finding that it doesn't weigh my hair down.  I find its perfect for blondes, brunettes and redheads too that need to help replenish & restore the hair. I think I give this product my personal thumbs up!

Retails for $42.00

  • Apply Fibre Architecte to completely dry hair, mid-lengths to ends.
  • Use with flat-iron, curling iron or blow dryer to heal and seal the hair.

  • Intra-Cylane: Recreates a holding structure around each breakage point.
  • Pro-Keratin: Fills in the gaps in the cortex.
  • Ceramides: Build external cohesion and smooth the surface cuticle.

If you hair is dry, brittle and need of some repair, I highly suggest come to Salon Stylush and pick some  Fibre Architecte up today!  Make today fantastic!  xo