Got the color bug?

OK, so I'm sure you've heard a little bit about hair chalk by now. Its every where at the moment. Celebs like Kate Bosworth and Lauren Conrad have been wearing funky colored dipped ends. Wondering how you achieve that look? chalk is the answer. We at Salon Stylush did some research on what colored hair chalk we wanted to carry and we decided on going with the amazing "Color Bug" by Kevin Murphy. I like it because of its extreme high pigmented shadows and easy applicator. Ive seen hair chalk that literally looks like chalk and it seems a bit messy. The "Color Bug" is fool proof, I swear! In the pictures below, you will find out more about this product and why I love it so much!  

Ummmm....can I say adorable packaging? Yes, I would like to admit I'm a sucker for adorable packaging. The color bug comes in beautiful little plastic palette. Notice how the plastic top is perfect to place your fingers on during application. This is the  "Color Bug" color in pink. Love, Love Love.

This is the "Orange" but to me its more like hot coral. Corals and oranges are totally hot this summer, so this is by far one of my favorite tones. But, unfortunately depending on your hair and skin tone might not be the color for you. The purple looks best in my locks since my hair is platinum. 

This is the "Purple" color bug. Believe me, all of these colors are as bright as its packaging. I do want to add that it doesn't matter what color or level or darkness/lightness your hair has, all these color bug chalks will stand out. They are extremely bright.

This is what the color bug looks like open. It reminds me of a eye shadow. So during application, you want to hold plastic applicator and rub it in your hair.

Below I've listed an easy step by step tutorial for you.

  1. Use the color pad, rub onto completely dry hair. Clean or dirty.
  2. You want to massage into the hair to make sure the product is thoroughly worked through and is evenly spread.
  3. I suggest doing small sections
  4. Have fun!! Feel free to add in more than one color for a multi tone look.
Note: This is temporary. The color bug hair chalk will wash out during your next shampoo. Also I suggest putting a towel over your shoulders when applying, as the chalk powder can get a little messy. 

If you are wanting to get the "Color Bug" by Kevin Murphy come stop in at Salon Stylush. We are selling it for $20.00. Until next time! xo