AIIR Crystal Infused Haircare


Hey friends, Jenny Strebe here and I wanted to do a little check in with you all because you may or may not have seen I launched a crystal infused haircare line called AIIR. In an industry with insane competition, Im proud to announce that after 18 years in the industry I have finally found my calling. AIIR is the first crystal infused haircare line infused with holistic elements in the hair industry fully launched by fall but for now you can get your hands on Texture AIIR and Hair & Energy refresher. 

So here's the scoop, eighteen years ago I made a personal mission to carve my own stylist career path, one that goes beyond the chair, a profession that blends my passion for inspired hair with the balanced life I live.  

Much like parents everywhere, the blend of work, family and everyday life pushed me to find an inner peace. A space I found in yoga practice, exercise and seeking out a more balanced and centered life. As I was driving every aspect of my stylist business and social media facets, the peace and relief I found in living a more holistic life began to weave its way into my everyday mental forefront. As I was working deeply with top brands and very involved in the needs and feedback of my colleagues – one thing became crystal clear: there exists a disconnect between companies and users whereby products are missing the mark.  Brands, albeit with big marketing budgets and celebrity backings, do not reflect the everyday lives and values of so many stylists and product-users. Thus, a seed planted years prior began to take shape: I decided to self-fund and develop a product line that marries innovative high performance results with balanced, holistic elements that reflect so many peoples’ lives like mine. 

I am not alone in wanting the products I use to reflect the lifestyle I live. With all the noise in this world, I love making choices that mirror my inner beliefs and the magic of this earth. In 2016 I began to create an innovative haircare line that produces brilliant results, as tested by top hairstylists, with holistic ingredients that provide balance and manifest a centered life. For centuries, people around the world have found positive effects, both tangible and intangible, from earth’s resources.  I selected key elements naturally pair with hair innovation and created AIIR Professional. 

From a hairstylist in the northwest US to working alongside scientists in a lab across the country – I always knew I would leave a footprint with a positive mark. We all have an uncertain journey, but taking careful steps and keeping a focus on what feels right has kept me patient, confident and inspired.  Bringing to market a haircare line that blends earth’s ingredients, with crystal energy that outperforms the competition is outrageously exciting. I have a fabulous team of like-minded females who ensure we are setting the benchmark and staying true to our vision. We are a small team of working moms who opt for outstanding results with products that suit our beliefs.  that outclass the rest while delivering good energy from earth’s crystals is beyond our imagination; but sure enough we’re bringing it to the world.

The name AIIR comes from always gazing into the sky; dreaming of the possibilities of life and all the lands the clouds touch.  My story is defined by reaching my dreams despite the odds. The ebbs and flows of life are a wild ride and amazing hair is just one detail of our everyday. A detail which I focused on to prove we can incorporate nature and positive energy whilst having great hair. AIIR offers a choice to select holistic and gemstone innovation for brilliant hair. 

If your interested in joining the journey head over to AIIR Professional HERE because highly recommend you check it out as you won't be disappointed in the quality of the hair care from labels to ingredients. 

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