My Five Year Old Hairstylist

I first launched my hair blog over 4 years ago when my daughter Magnolia was just a baby, back then little did I know she was going to become a 5 year old hairstylist. I initially got started because while she was napping I was getting bored and didn't want to conform to the typical stay at home mom and clean the house. Magnolia is now 5 and has watched my hair blog grow into what it is today.

She has modeled in both my Youtube channel as well as my second book which is geared towards toddler hairstyles. So naturally she has been extremely exposed to the hair world but in a very organic way. 

Magnolia lives a very normal life, she has lots of friends, tons of interests and is a very happy child. As a mom we want our children to find their niche or where they belong, and I can honestly say thats something my Magnolia has struggle with. Yes, she is only five but has tried swimming, T-ball, ballet, tap and gymnastics. As she loves them all, I could tell she didn't feel confident as she wasn't excelling in any of those activities. Hair has given her the confidence she needed just like it has with me. 

See about 6 weeks ago I was working on a new educational program for my hair seminars. I had my doll heads out and was working away. Magnolia came up to me and begged me to let her hair a turn. I've never forced Magnolia into liking hair so I was surprised when she asked me and quickly gave her a box of pins and a doll head to help keep her busy while I worked. When I looked over a few minutes later, to my surprise...Magnolia had completed a beautiful up style. 

I quickly asked my now 5 year old hairstylist to do that again while I recorded her. She did and after some editing I put it up on my Instagram @theconfessionsofahairstylist to show off my daughters skills. Little did I know she was going to break the internet! She has done several tutorials since then and we created her an Instagram account under @confessionsofaminihairstylist And you guys....I can't tell you how happy her excelling at something has been for her. She has found her niche and it has made her so happy.

So you can see Magnolia's new found hair love came as a surprise but a happy one. If you ask her whats next she will tell you she's on her way to take over my business one day, and you know....Im ok with that. She will of course live a normal life as a child because its me and my husbands number one goal, but she will have confidence while growing up because she has found her passion and I couldn't be more proud.

There will be tons more in store for this little one, I can release everything now but for now my little 5 year old hairstylist Magnolia is one happy girl. Watch her first tutorial video below and make sure to follow her journey on her Instagram @confessionsofaminihairstylist