Braided Bun Hawk Using Glam Seamless Extensions

You may have remembered my fun color and extension job using Glam Seamless hair extensions the other week here, and if you didn't catch I highly suggest it. Glam Seamless hair extensions provide quality seamless hair extensions of all colors and sizes. After falling in love with them the other week, I new I had to do more with my models hair so I decided to do a Braided Bun Hawk and if you're interested in learning this fun do, I highly suggest you check out my quick and easy tutorial below. 

Apply your Glam Seamless hair first. If you don't know how make sure to check you the tutorial HERE. To start this look, you want to create a small triangle section on the top of the head and clip away for later. 

You first want the first out of the 3 ponytails you will be making with your hair. You do this by sectioning your hair and lightly gather the hair towards the back. You want to now secure the hair with an elastic band. 

Divide the hair inside the ponytail in 3 equal sections. and create a simple three strand braiding technique. After that stretch the braid out to create a fuller looking braid. 

Make a bun out of your stretched out braid by draping the braid around your ponytail and securing it into place by using an elastic band. 

Do the same thing with a ponytail right below the first and create your braid bun.

Create one more bun and then hairspray your hair to keep it from staying into place. Do you guys like it? If so try it yourself and let me know what you think. Don't forget if you need to add length to your hair, head to my friends over at Glam Seamless. 

Drop your top triangle section out, tease that section and twist the ends and pull back into your top hair bun.

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