Braided updo

                                            Photo by Sara Bishop, Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel, Model Mia Terezia

                                            Photo by Sara Bishop, Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel, Model Mia Terezia

One of my specialities as an educator has been to break down complicated hairstyles in a way that every stylist from the beginner to the seasoned stylist. I recently did a collab with Fave4 Hairsprays to show you how you can utilize their texture takeover hairspray and create a beautiful full looking braided updo.

I've been obsessing over their texture takeover product as it really helps coarsen up your hair texture in a matter of minutes allowing your hair to have tons of grip and texture that it stays place in your updos. No joke, I'm obsessed with this spray and this updo. Get the full step by steps below.

  1. Section out your hair from below the crown to the top of the ears. Inside this section create a low pony and create a loose braid. You then want to wrap your loose braid around the ponytail, securing it into place by using bobbi pins.
  2. Work on the right side first and create a inside out braid by splitting the hair in 3 equal sections, the right section goes under into the middle, then the left section goes under into the middle, your middle section is now on the right side and you want to add hair from the part down to the braid and your new section will go under into the middle. Continue this technique until you get to the ends of your hair and secure the ends with an elastic band.
  3. Do this same technique on the opposite side of the head. 
  4. Grab some Texture Takeover spray by Fave4 and spray all over your braid for texture and fullness.
  5. You then want to stretch and pull the braid out to create a fuller and thicker looking dutch braid. Make sure to ease the hair out slowly.
  6. Now drape each side across the back, securing it with bobbi pins as you wrap it around your braided bun. 

So cool right!? I just love this look for any summer formal function especially since braids have been all the rage lately. So go pick up some Fave4 Texture Takeover and get started.