Invisibobble Press Release as a Brand Ambassador for BTC

If you're following me on instagram you probably saw more than a few fun hairstyles that I did using only Invisibobbles. I got the amazing opportunity to be in NYC for the USA Invisibobble press release as a brand ambassador for Behind The Behind The Chair flew me into NYC to help hold down the Invisibobble fort in honor of them and their team. 

While I was in NYC as a part of the press release I got to meet the amazing Denise Bredtmann Chief Global Embassador of Invisibobble located in Germany. Denise taught me some of her amazing skills on strictly using the invisibobble and the training was incredible. Too be honest, after going through her training it helped me so much that I know truly understood how to use this amazing product. What is that amazing product your ask? Its a traceless hair ring that stretches as it allows to create some really fun hairstyles. I used this product in several ways and one of my favorite ways was to create some really fun up styles using get this….only invisibobbles! So cool right!? If I've gotten you intrigued you have to wait for the fun tutorials coming up that I have in store working with this product. 

Also, while in NYC I got to meet the sweetest hairstylist James Milligann and Laura Burns that are some pretty intensely talented hairstylist stationed in NYC. Along with Denise Bredtmann us four were a dynamic team for US invisibobble and Im pleased I was a part of it all. 

If you're wondering where you can get your hands on some of these fun products, make sure to check out Behind The who is the main distributor for Invisibobble in the United States and Im honored to be a part of their team. You guys have to get one now, if you're into anything trendy and innovative.