Kids Milkmaid braid tutorial

                                                                       Photography by Sara Bishop

                                                                       Photography by Sara Bishop

Either children love to get there hair done or they don't, I just so happen to have a 4 year old that hates getting her hair done. I feel some day my sweet Magnolia will appreciate me but for now since she doesn't I have to be quick and forward thinking anytime I get the chance to get my hands through her adult like luscious locks and that is exactly why todays tutorial is on the cheater version of the milkmaid braid. 

This looks isn't just incredibly adorable, its fast and your child will be sure to be the envy of any child function. Ill you need for this cute do is a few bobbi pins and elastics. So what are you waiting for, grab yours and lets get started so you can transform your childs baby locks into a runway worthy look in minutes.

  1. You always want to start with pre brushed hair free of tangles and knots.
  2. Divide your hair into half and create a three strand simple braid starting on one side of the head until you get to the ends of the hair and secure with an elastic.
  3. You now want to do the same thing on the opposite side of their head inside your second section.
  4. Once both sides have been braided, you want to loosely drape across your hair line about an inch or two away from your hairline and secure into place by simply adding a few bobbi pins into your style.
  5. You now want to do the same thing on the opposite side and drape the other braid across your forehead connecting into the opposite braid. Connect the two with using a bobbi pin.
  6. If your child has extremely slippery prone hair that likes to fall out, I suggest using a medium hold hair spray at the end to help hold into place. 

Not too difficult is it? And it is so extremely cute! So make sure your daughter is the envy of her next birthday bash by creating this fun do in a matter of minutes. Will you try this style?