Reverse Balayage with Jay Olson


Wow, you guys. Ive been a little MIA lately and I sincerely apologize. But I promise you that its for a good cause. I have been working on a really cool project that has literally been taking all of my precious free time. It will be announced in the very near future. But for today, we are doing a little tutorial action.

The other month I moved salons and have been teaming up with Jay Olson salon owner of Salon Bespoke. He is very talented and when my hand was in a cast he helped me out by being a guest on my Youtube channel to bring you a reverse balayage tutorial that you can't miss! 

If you don't know what balayage is, make sure to check out my Braids and Balayage education program and watch the below video. My educational partner Jay Olson did an amazing job and you have to check out what he created!