Mid Length Rope Braid Hairstyle by Jenny Strebe


Hello…its me…. Ive thought about us for a long long time. 

But seriously though. I've  been so busy friends, and am finally going to get on a regular blogging schedule. So much to fill you in on, but for now let me show all my short to mid-length haired friends a fun Rope-braid hairstyle that is not only easy, its super fun and quick! Ill you need for this do is a hair elastic and some hairspray. So make sure to watch my easy how-to below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for all sorts of weekly hair tutorials! 

Pigtail Braids inspired by NYFW Mara Hoffman Show by Jenny Strebe

So back in September I got the pleasure to work behind stage at the Mara Hoffman show in honor of label m hair care products and let me just tell you, I had an absolute blast! It has always been a big goal and dream of mine to work behind the scenes at NYFW. The hairstyle look that we did was pigtail braids inspired by Willie Nelson and it was an absolute success!!

Todays tutorial is some of the insider secrets I learned working with lead hairstylist Richard Mannah with label m haircare. You have to watch the below video to learn some of these fun secrets and this uber cute look perfect for spring. Enjoy! 

100 Perfect Hair Days Tutorial Book by Jenny Strebe

Now you too can achieve salon-worthy hair at home with 100 Perfect hair days using trade secrets direct from my industry experience. In section 1 titled "100 awesome hair days" there are literally a hundred different styles for you to create and I have tailored each of them for specific hair types and textures. My simple illustrated instructions will turn any novice into an expert. Discover new party looks, unique bridal updos, brilliant braids, chic office styles, weekend top-knots and more. 

But how-to's aside, this book teaches you how to make the best of your hair, whatever the type. Over the years I have cut, styled and coloured them all and now I want to empower you with my hair-care tips for fine and oily hair to frizzy or thick, and how to choose the right products to suit.

Want to try a specific look in the book but don't think you have the right hair type? Then don't miss my insider info on how you can fake it till you make it. Turn fine hair into a thick textured braid, or tame flyaway and frizzy hair into sleek, lust-worthy styles.

So are you ready to get your best hair yet? Then flick through to master tricks of the trade along with some simple techniques that will help to achieve your perfect hair. You can purchase it HERE or check it out in the Hairstyling Books section on my site.

I want to personally thank all of my supporters and fans that have encouraged me to do this book along the way. But mostly, I want to take the time to thank my husband for his patience throughout this process and my photographer Tiffany Egbert, my hair assistants Demi Walsh and Anthoney Lunam as well as my lead makeup gal Stephanie Neihiesel. With out your help I would not be able to make this dream a reality. And for all my moms out there, look out for childrens tutorial book that will be releasing end of March called Braids & Buns, Ponies & Pigtails and you can check it out HERE. 


Braided Knot Pony by Jenny Strebe

Todays tutorial is on the braided knot pony hairstyle. This look is simple and sweet! It works well on hair that is on the longer side but certainly will work well on fine to thick hair texture. Make sure to watch the below video to get the full scoop on how you can achieve this effortless style. 

Easy Rope Braid Hair Tutorial by Jenny Strebe

Im all about easy hairstyles, and this my friends is a very easy hairstyle that will only take a few minutes out of your day. All you need to do for this hairstyle is know how to rope braid and then you want to ever so gently pull your rope braid apart to create volume and texture to the style.

You can wear this hairstyle casually or easily dress it up by pairing it with a fun dress. Watch the above hair tutorial and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel right HERE for tons of hair inspiration every month! 

Criss Cross Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial by Jenny Strebe

Sometimes all you want is a ponytail look, but pony's can tend to look too sporty or simple. For that reason alone is why I came up with the Criss Cross Ponytail hairstyle. You can add a little elegance to your simple ponys.

This style will work great for a casual day but with it having the criss cross pattern in back, you can easily dress it up with a fun cocktail dress while on a hot night on the town. 

I used all Kenra Hair care products in the video to help give this pony life, volume, texture and hold. And after you watch the video, you'll know why these key products are so important when replicating this look. 

VW Bus Update by Jenny Strebe

Hey guys! So I apologize about my silence but my updo tour is live and kicking! I never realized how hard it was going to be to update my fans as I was on the road. I literally have been non-stop and for updated tour information make sure to check out my class info HERE! Here are a few photos of my adventure so far! Hope you enjoy and make sure to stalk me on IG @theconfessionsofahairstylist and on periscope Jenny Strebe for all sorts of fun updates. 

Love you all and will be updating soon! xoxo


Updo Tour In my VW Bus by Jenny Strebe

tour graphic_updated 1.jpg

Friends, I have been dreaming of this moment for a long long time. My VW bus is all ready to go and I'm going on an Upstyle tour. Not only am I going on tour, I get to bring my whole entire family with me. See…my amazing husband recently lost his job and instead of getting upset about it, we decided to make it into a positive and go on a tour along the Pacific Coast Highway with our two kids. If you're a stylist wanting to look into my classes, its not too late to join in the fun, head HERE to see what classes are available. 

And it got better when label m haircare, Kenra hair products and Booksy caught wind and are sponsoring me to do it! But the best part is…..Im filming the whole entire project and turning it into a documentary showcasing being a mom, wife and entrapueaner. Make sure to follow me on my Instagram @theconfessionsofahairstylist and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you dont miss out on my adventures.

And most importantly, if you see me and my bus…make sure to honk and take a photo of the bus and #sightingsofahairstylist for your chance to win some prizes from my lovely sponsors. 

Textured Low Bun Inspired by NYFW by Jenny Strebe

photos courtesy of John Castillo

photos courtesy of John Castillo

I had the most amazing time and privilege to do hair with the label m. USA team at NYFW this year, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! Label m. hair care is an up and coming product line that is officially launching in the states this coming January. 

During fashion week the label m team head by Richard Mannah got involved in a lot of different shows including Chris Gelinas, Daniel Silverstein and Mara Hoffman. I got the pleasure to work the Mara Hoffman show and had a blast! (Those pictures and tutorial is coming soon!) 

Even though I didn't actually do hair for the Chris Gelinas show, I wanted to replicate the look as it was very beautiful yet consumer friendly. So that my friends, is the YouTube tutorial I'll be showing you guys how to do today.

For this look they left the ends out of the knot, but I tucked them in so that it appeals to every women. Watch the below video so you too can get this killer look.