VW Bus Update by Jenny Strebe

Hey guys! So I apologize about my silence but my updo tour is live and kicking! I never realized how hard it was going to be to update my fans as I was on the road. I literally have been non-stop and for updated tour information make sure to check out my class info HERE! Here are a few photos of my adventure so far! Hope you enjoy and make sure to stalk me on IG @theconfessionsofahairstylist and on periscope Jenny Strebe for all sorts of fun updates. 

Love you all and will be updating soon! xoxo


Updo Tour In my VW Bus by Jenny Strebe

tour graphic_updated 1.jpg

Friends, I have been dreaming of this moment for a long long time. My VW bus is all ready to go and I'm going on an Upstyle tour. Not only am I going on tour, I get to bring my whole entire family with me. See…my amazing husband recently lost his job and instead of getting upset about it, we decided to make it into a positive and go on a tour along the Pacific Coast Highway with our two kids. If you're a stylist wanting to look into my classes, its not too late to join in the fun, head HERE to see what classes are available. 

And it got better when label m haircare, Kenra hair products and Booksy caught wind and are sponsoring me to do it! But the best part is…..Im filming the whole entire project and turning it into a documentary showcasing being a mom, wife and entrapueaner. Make sure to follow me on my Instagram @theconfessionsofahairstylist and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you dont miss out on my adventures.

And most importantly, if you see me and my bus…make sure to honk and take a photo of the bus and #sightingsofahairstylist for your chance to win some prizes from my lovely sponsors. 

Textured Low Bun Inspired by NYFW by Jenny Strebe

photos courtesy of John Castillo

photos courtesy of John Castillo

I had the most amazing time and privilege to do hair with the label m. USA team at NYFW this year, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! Label m. hair care is an up and coming product line that is officially launching in the states this coming January. 

During fashion week the label m team head by Richard Mannah got involved in a lot of different shows including Chris Gelinas, Daniel Silverstein and Mara Hoffman. I got the pleasure to work the Mara Hoffman show and had a blast! (Those pictures and tutorial is coming soon!) 

Even though I didn't actually do hair for the Chris Gelinas show, I wanted to replicate the look as it was very beautiful yet consumer friendly. So that my friends, is the YouTube tutorial I'll be showing you guys how to do today.

For this look they left the ends out of the knot, but I tucked them in so that it appeals to every women. Watch the below video so you too can get this killer look.

Modern Vintage Updo Inspired by @Melissamariehair by Jenny Strebe


People always ask me how I manage to squeeze everything in, and that is a great question. Lately I've been really behind due to my traveling so I do apologize. With that, I have not forgotten about my second winner in my Confessions IG Updo Contest sponsored by Kenra Hair Products.

The second contest winner was Instagram user @melissamariehair and and you can check out her website here. She does really amazing bridal looks so when she won, I was more than excited to do a hairstyle inspired by her work. Check out her website for tons of bridal inspiration and my take on her look on my Youtube video below.                                                                                                                    

Braided Bun Hawk Using Glam Seamless Extensions by Jenny Strebe

You may have remembered my fun color and extension job using Glam Seamless hair extensions the other week here, and if you didn't catch I highly suggest it. Glam Seamless hair extensions provide quality seamless hair extensions of all colors and sizes. After falling in love with them the other week, I new I had to do more with my models hair so I decided to do a Braided Bun Hawk and if you're interested in learning this fun do, I highly suggest you check out my quick and easy tutorial below. 

Apply your Glam Seamless hair first. If you don't know how make sure to check you the tutorial HERE. To start this look, you want to create a small triangle section on the top of the head and clip away for later. 

You first want the first out of the 3 ponytails you will be making with your hair. You do this by sectioning your hair and lightly gather the hair towards the back. You want to now secure the hair with an elastic band. 

Divide the hair inside the ponytail in 3 equal sections. and create a simple three strand braiding technique. After that stretch the braid out to create a fuller looking braid. 

Make a bun out of your stretched out braid by draping the braid around your ponytail and securing it into place by using an elastic band. 

Do the same thing with a ponytail right below the first and create your braid bun.

Create one more bun and then hairspray your hair to keep it from staying into place. Do you guys like it? If so try it yourself and let me know what you think. Don't forget if you need to add length to your hair, head to my friends over at Glam Seamless. 

Drop your top triangle section out, tease that section and twist the ends and pull back into your top hair bun.

Romantic Fishtail Upstyle inspired by @hairbyelena by Jenny Strebe

Kiriakis & Kenna Photography : Kristia Knowles Hair & Mua : @HairByElena  

Kiriakis & Kenna
Photography : Kristia Knowles
Hair & Mua : @HairByElena


You guys, I did my first ever updo competition and it was a total success! Not only did I have over 3,000 entries every single entry was beyond amazing! It was so successful that it even inspired me! 

Now, you can imagine how difficult it was picking a winner from over 3,000 entries, and because it was so difficult, I decided to choose two winners! The prize for being a winner was a goody bag of hair products from Kenra hair professional, an IG post, YouTube tutorial  and a blog on the winners look. So here you have it, a fun tutorial inspired by Instagramer @hairbyelena.

I got to get to know Elena a little and I discovered that she is originally from New Mexico and one day decided to take a vacation to Florida and immediately feel in love and decided to move to Port Orange, Florida. She enrolled herself into cosmetology school and thats when her love for hair began 14 years ago. Elenas main passion is bridal styling and as you can tell, she does it bridal look with ease. This girl has some major talent my friends!

So now that you've gotten a taste of Elenas work make sure to check her out over HERE and watch my below YouTube tutorial so you too can achieve this fabulous style inspired by Elena.


Hair cut tutorial on the long bob by Jenny Strebe


Hair cut tutorial what!? Its been requested that I do a few haircut videos so here you guys have it. I did a long bob on my actual client name Jen over at Like Hearted.com. Isn't she the cutest? She likes her hair about collar bone length with lots of movement.

Her hair was cut short to long and over directed to the middle section to create a gorgeous seamless feel. Have no idea what Im talking about? Then you'll have to watch the tutorial yourself so you can too do a long bob on any of your clients. 

French Braid Hawk by Jenny Strebe

So today I wanted to do something really fun and do a french braided hawk on my girl Kat from The Foxy Kat.com. She is a classy lady who wanted a fun braided look that had an extra edge on it. With this style its all about the way you section the hair in order to create a really fun braided hawk type of feel.

All you need for this hairstyle is your braid fingers, a couple of elastic bands and your ready to go. This style looks complicated but is so simple. Make sure to watch the video below so you can achieve this look. 

Glam Seamless Extensions How To by Jenny Strebe

With so many people wanting me to do tutorials on fine hair, I thought this would be a good time to show you how you can achieve fun styles even if your hair is fine and short! I've teamed up with Glam Seamless Hair Extensions to show you how you can easily achieve long lucious locks in a matter of minutes and curl the hair in a way that it on trend point. 

My model for this tutorial is Stephanie over at Snmakeup Artist.com who has a short bob who was yearning for a fun change by easily adding some length and fullness to her fine locks. 

I first had some fun and colored my lite ash blonde Glam Seamless #60 . I used 2/0 in Schwarzkopf at the roots and then I mixed up a silver tone by using a whole tube of 10/87 with a ribbon of 2/0 by Schwarzkopf to create this beautiful on trend root shaded look.

After I was done coloring my Glam Seamless extensions it was time to go ahead and quickly secure them into Stephanie's hair. You do this by starting at the nape of the neck and create a soft U like section. 

After you have created your U like section, starting with your 3 clip extension you want to aggressively tease the section of hair that is going to be underneath your hair clip. Reason for this is that its going to help hold your extensions into place and I promise it will stay all day and night. 

Continue working up the head while firm securing all your hair wefts into place. I usually do from nape to the top working with the 3 clips weft, then the 2 fours putting the third one on top and keep the 2 clip wefts on each side. 

Since Stephanies hair is so short, its important that we blended out the hair extensions. You can do this by creating seamless layers by pulling the hair out at a 45 degree angle and slide cutting from the short layer to the ends of the extensions. 

To be totally on trend, we wanted to throw in some loose curls to Stephanies new glam seamless locks. We easily did this by curling the hair at the  mid-shaft of the hair, eased the hair through the hair tongs, and once the hair reached the ends, I released the tong. This created a gorgeous curl that looks effortless. 

Didn't they turn out awesome!?? Now, make sure to head over to  Glam Seamless Hair So you too can get full long hair that will immediately turn heads this fall.