Jack Sparrow Braid by Jenny Strebe

Arrrhhhh mateys todays tutorial is something I whipped up that is Jack Sparrow braided inspired. I love this braid because its polished but gives a bohemian edge with several braids intermixed. Its an eye catcher for sure, and Im not just talking about pirates eyes. 

Watch the below hair tutorial on this braided style so you can achieve as soon as possible and impress all of your friends. Also, I know I haven't been posting much, but make sure you subscribe to my news letter to get all of the happenings. Click on the left side of my blog where it says to subscribe. See you soon friends! 

Criss Cross into Braid Mermaid Hairstyle by Jenny Strebe

When creating hairstyles for my YouTube channel I always try to think out of the box and do hairstyles that I have never seen before. Todays style that I created a few months ago is the Criss Cross Mermaid Braid. This style is a show stopper yet really easy.

What I most love about this style is that you can either wear it with out the braid at the bottom or you can skip over the criss cross technique and get straight to the braid. Its a bit unusual but I hope you like the hair tutorial as much as I do. 

My Five Year Old Hairstylist by Jenny Strebe

I first launched my hair blog over 4 years ago when my daughter Magnolia was just a baby, back then little did I know she was going to become a 5 year old hairstylist. I initially got started because while she was napping I was getting bored and didn't want to conform to the typical stay at home mom and clean the house. Magnolia is now 5 and has watched my hair blog grow into what it is today.

She has modeled in both my Youtube channel as well as my second book which is geared towards toddler hairstyles. So naturally she has been extremely exposed to the hair world but in a very organic way. 

Magnolia lives a very normal life, she has lots of friends, tons of interests and is a very happy child. As a mom we want our children to find their niche or where they belong, and I can honestly say thats something my Magnolia has struggle with. Yes, she is only five but has tried swimming, T-ball, ballet, tap and gymnastics. As she loves them all, I could tell she didn't feel confident as she wasn't excelling in any of those activities. Hair has given her the confidence she needed just like it has with me. 

See about 6 weeks ago I was working on a new educational program for my hair seminars. I had my doll heads out and was working away. Magnolia came up to me and begged me to let her hair a turn. I've never forced Magnolia into liking hair so I was surprised when she asked me and quickly gave her a box of pins and a doll head to help keep her busy while I worked. When I looked over a few minutes later, to my surprise...Magnolia had completed a beautiful up style. 

I quickly asked my now 5 year old hairstylist to do that again while I recorded her. She did and after some editing I put it up on my Instagram @theconfessionsofahairstylist to show off my daughters skills. Little did I know she was going to break the internet! She has done several tutorials since then and we created her an Instagram account under @confessionsofaminihairstylist And you guys....I can't tell you how happy her excelling at something has been for her. She has found her niche and it has made her so happy.

So you can see Magnolia's new found hair love came as a surprise but a happy one. If you ask her whats next she will tell you she's on her way to take over my business one day, and you know....Im ok with that. She will of course live a normal life as a child because its me and my husbands number one goal, but she will have confidence while growing up because she has found her passion and I couldn't be more proud.

There will be tons more in store for this little one, I can release everything now but for now my little 5 year old hairstylist Magnolia is one happy girl. Watch her first tutorial video below and make sure to follow her journey on her Instagram @confessionsofaminihairstylist

6 Steps to being taken seriously in your business by Jenny Strebe

The #1 question I’m most asked about my business is how I got to the point where I was taken seriously enough to grow my business and brand into what it is today.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t without hard work and a lot of hustle.

But the things I did are actually really simple in concept, and I know that if you apply them to your business you’ll be able to reach your goals too.

To help you get there, I created a 6 part email series that outlines the biggest factors that went into my success. You’ll get a new email every day walking you through the steps.

I don't want to give too much away just yet, but in the series we'll define what your goals are, talk about setting yourself apart from your competition, outline your ideal client and much more.

Ready for access to my 6 step formula? Click the button below to get signed up. See you in your inbox soon!

My VW Bus Hair Tour Adventure by Jenny Strebe

Who wouldn't want to travel the states in a bus with there family and get paid right? I mean its seriously been a dream come true for me. If you have been following my Instagram you probably would know that I've been following my dreams of teaching classes around the nation in my Volkswagen bus that my husband restored and we bring our 2 children along with us. Every Sunday and Monday I teach classes then we head to the next destination and get to site see along the way. 

Below is a little glimpse into our adventure. Im coming up with tour 3 that will include cities like Indianapolis, Cinnicinati, Memphis and Nashville soon so make sure to check back for those dates in my classes section of my site.

With that, the tour wouldn't be possible if I didn't have my amazing supportive sponsors who include Brazilian Bond Builder, Kenra, Pulp Riot and Label m hair care. Enjoy the clip below and make sure to circle back to follow along my adventures! 

Instagram Inspiration Roundup by Jenny Strebe

Hey friends, today I want to talk about hair inspiration on Instagram. If you follow my hair page on Instagram you probably know Im a sucker for quick yet fun braids and up styles. I thought it would fun to showcase some of my work that Ive been posting on my Instagram page from time to time.

Maintaining a Instagram hair page can be quite difficult and can take lots of work to do, hence why my blog posts have become to sparse. But with a little time, dedication, and if you keep consistent and true to what makes you happy you can really make a big impact on Instagram. Unsure what Im talking bout? Make sure to sign up for my newsletter as I will be mailing out some of my favorite business tips soon. 

Enjoy these fun pics, and if you dont follow my hair page on Instagram make sure to @theconfessionsofahairstylist 

Confessions Updo/Braids Workshop Breakdown by Jenny Strebe


I can't tell you how thrilled I am that my hair salon educational programs have been taking off! Ive worked as an hair educator for over 8 years now, and 2 years being independent salon educator really paving my own way! I love the freedom to create my own braids and updo looks, breaking down the hairstyles as I see fit and creating my own hair educational programs. Since I get so many email inquiries about my classes, I decided to do a post on what my classes are like if you have ever wondered and/or were wanting to sign up you can get a feel for what you can expect. 

I offer two types of class tickets. I offer a demo only class option from 10am to 1pm for $175 where I can take 20-40 students at a time. This option is perfect for my more visual learners. Since hairstylist are so artistic and we all have different learning styles, I wanted to give a cheaper version of my classes for those who can watch a technique and be able to replicate it with no hesitation or problems at all. In the 3 hours of this option, I go over 4 completely different looks and then spend 15-30 minutes on how to build your business on social media. The four looks I go over will include two bridal looks and then two braids that are currently trending in todays beauty industry. 

One of my niches as a hair educator has been I can really break down up styles and braids in an easy manner by simplifying the sectioning patterns and or as I call it "piecing my updo puzzle" together. Not only am I strong at simplifying complicated looks, I always teach styles that are really salon friendly and you would be able to make more money the following day inside the salon by utilizing the easy yet fast techniques that are trending in todays beauty world. 

The other option of class I offer is a full day of the 10-1 demo only combined with a 2pm-4:30pm hands on portion for $350. This is a perfect option for my beginners or anyone that wants to fully embrace the styles I demo and have lots of one on one time with me. I limit the hands on portion of class to no more than 18 students. The reason why I want to do that is because I believe the students that are attending the hands on, need a bit more attention and I want to make sure I can give it to them. Inside class we go over all 4 looks that I demoed as a class and then I will teach you some of my favorite IG picture taking techniques. 

If you are a student that is staying for my hands on portion, I require you to bring in your own model with medium hair texture that is at least where their hair length at least falls to the bra line.  Since we will be going over how to take a good Instagram photo I recommend when choosing your model, you want to make sure there is some kind of tonal difference in their hair for the style to pop in your photos. Which I will go over in class as I feel like knowing a few of my secrets will help build your IG picture quality in no time! 

And last but not least, if you are attending demo only you just bring your pretty self but if you are coming for hands on, I recommend bringing the following items in your kit:


  • Comb
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair Elastics
  • Bobbi Pins
  • Duckbill Clips
  • 1 inch curling iron
  • Pin Curl clips
  • Large round brush
  • Texture Spray like Kenra or Label m
  • Workable Hairspray
  • Salt Spray
  • Shine spray

And last but not least, if you are interested in attending any of my courses, you can head to my Confessions Classes right HERE that is updated regularly or if you want me to visit your salon email us at Class@confessionsofahairstylist.com 


Photos courtesy of Lauren J Photography

VW Bus Updo Tour 2 by Jenny Strebe

Im back at it again!! Friends, I have decided to round up my family again and go cruisng around the nation in my VW Bus Teaching updo classes. I couldn't be more thrilled to go on this adventure once again! If you want to follow my journey head to my IG @theconfessionsofahairstylist, my Snap Chat and Periscope under Jenny Strebe! Seriously can't wait! For tour locations and dates head to my classes page HERE or check out the graphic above.

Special thanks to my tour sponsors this time around Kenra, Label m and Brazillian bond builder!! Woot woot!! See you soon midwest! 

Braids & Buns, Ponies & Pigtails by Jenny Strebe

So proud to announce that my children's tutorial book is officially on sale HERE and ready for purchase.  I want to thank my hair assistants Demi Walsh and Anthoney Luam, because with out you I wouldn't have been able to make this book a possibility. I also want to thank my amazing photographer and friend Sara Bishop who did an incredible job in capturing these fun children's hairstyles. I also want to thank my sister in law Sacha Strebe who helped me write this incredible book. I also want to thank the amazing little girls that modeled and were a huge part of this project. 

Purchase this book knowing that my heart and soul went into this fun hair tutorial book perfect for all moms out there that have little girls.